The following is my interpretation of a couple arttcles I have read over
the years regarding the dash ( - ) that is found between the date of
birth and death on a headstone.
Some of my interpretation is the result of a brief eulogy I heard about
that - (dash).
The man who spoke, referred to the dates on the headstone of a
friend. He noted that first came the date of her birth. He spoke of the
following date with tears. But, he said, what mattered most of all was
the dash - between the years.
He said that the dash - represents all the time she spent alive on earth.
Now that she was gone, only those who loved her know what that little
line is worth.
He went on to say that it doesn't matter how much we own; the cars,
the house, the cash. He said that what matters most is how we live
and love and how we spend our ( - ) dash; the time between birth and
We should give serious thought to our lives and whether or not there
are things you'd like to change. Why? Well, actually, we never know
how much time is left, that we can still rearrange.
Maybe we could just slow down enough to consider what's true and
real, and always give thought to how other people feel.
For me, it also means to be less quick to be annoyed and angry. It
means to show more appreciation and love the people in our lives like
never before. The dash left in our lives provides an opportunity for
each of is to treat each other with respect, and to more often wear a
smile rather than a frown...remembering that this special dash we have
left might only last a little while longer.
Therefore, when YOUR eulogy is being read, as someone is
announcing your life's actions, would you be proud of the things they
had to say about how YOU spent your dash?

(One of the articles I used for reference was by Linda Ellis
whose article was copywrited)