“2019 Stewardship Update”.

The stewardship ministry is an important part of St. John Chrysostom Greek Orthodox Church — keeping our church functioning during the ecclesiastical year. In 2019, we have had 65 stewards who pledged over $56,000.  This showed a  healthy increase over 2018 Pledges. As of December 1, over 90% of the amount pledged has been collected with 47 stewards fulfilling their original pledges.  However we ask those 18 stewards who have not yet met their pledge to consider writing one last 2019 check.

In 2020, a new decade will begin.  Our mission is to increase our stewardship commitment and bring new families into our parish.  The goal is to build a new Byzantine Orthodox Church in Martin County with the stewards to support it.

Stewardship is the offering to God as children of faith rather than as hired servants. Children of God make offerings to God as expression of authentic love, whereas, hired servants simply fulfilllegalistic duty. Christian stewardship is a manifestation of our love for God through the holistic offering of time, talent, and treasure to Him, through Christ’s Holy Church. By this offering of love to our Father in heaven, He further extends the healing experience of His Church to His children, through Her ministry.

If you have not yet offered your Stewardship this year, we humbly ask that you bring your Stewardship Card with you to church and offer it to God as your commitment 2020.

Please pray and ask God to guide your heart as you make your pledge for the upcoming year. Your offerings make possible the work of the Church and pay for our operational costs and our mortgage. We need everyone's help to support our Churc


“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart…” (Colossians 3:23)

Throughout the Bible we are reminded that we need to give of our time, talents and treasure to support the work of the Church to fulfill our mission to “teach all nations”.  Naturally, our mission begins on the local level, here at Saint John Chrysostom Church.

Whatever we do, we are encouraged to work at it with all our heart. We are always welcomed to not only support the work of our church financially.  We are encouraged to support the mission of the Church, the body of Christ, with all our hearts by our participation in the overall life of the local church by participating in its sacramental life and by the sharing of our many talents, too.

Thank you so very much for your participation in and your generous stewardship support of Saint John’s parish family.  We are able to provide the liturgical services, the sacraments, the educational and cultural programs, because of your continued support.  This support helps us to continue to lead others to a better understanding and relationship with God, through His Son and with the power given to us by His Holy Spirit.

We would like to include everyone’s name in the list of current stewards.  However, after reviewing the most current list and comparing it to 2017, we find we are seriously dwindling in numbers.  We also realize that some this is the result of oversight and forgetfulness.

Therefore, we’d like to give everyone an opportunity to “catch up”.  Please complete and return a pledge form for 2019 and bring it up to date as soon as possible. Saint John Chrysostom parish would like to extend a special blessing upon those who have completed their Stewardship Form, returned it to the church and have begun to fulfill the pledge they have made.  

"The Lord loves a cheerful giver.” As a result of the Lord’s joy, and ours, over your commitment to Saint John Chrysostom Church, we will gather all the Stewardship forms we will have received through the end of March, the first quarter, and I will say a special Prayer of Thanksgiving and Blessing on Sunday April 7th, for those who have made their Stewardship Pledge by the end of the 1st quarter.   We will do this in appreciation of our sincere appreciation of and thankfulness for your commitment to Saint John Chrysostom Church and its ministries.

I pray that our Gracious God will continue to bless you. May He enlighten you to share the blessings He has given you with those in need and for the work of His Church here in Hobe Sound.

In His Service,

+Father Andrew Mahalares


1   Fr. Andrew  Mahalares
2   Mercine  Adinolfi
3   Pericles & Toula  Bakas
4   Manuel & Micheline  Bourlas
5   Peter & Mary  Caloir
6   Kathryn  Chryssiadis
7   Mary & Mark  Teplitz
8   Katherine  Coury
9   Mary  D’Jay
10   Voula  Dakis
11   Nick & Mimi  Dionisopoulos
12   Virginia  Doxanas
13   John & Mirsini  Doukas
14   Pamela  Fitzer
15   Dona  Hanan
16   Linda  Ioannides
17   Nina Marie  Ioannides
18   Nicholas & Celeste  Karamatsoukas
19   Stephanie  King
20   Nicholas & Frosso  Kokenos
21   Pericles  Kokenos
22   John & Mary  Koltis
23   Peter & Anna  Kouklamanis
24   Chrysanthe  Koumas
25   Nicholas & Jeanneane  Kutsukos
26   Nicholas & Carole  Kuzemka
27   Presbytera Eva  Kyriakos
28   John & Joanna  Laskaris
29   Spiro & Julia Laskaris
30   Michael & Evelyn  Lefco
31   Joanne  Lena
32   Helen  Loizos
33   Phyllis  Manitsoudi
34   George  Manos
35   Mike & Doris  Menexis
36   William & Diana  Mihaltse
37   Joel & Constance  Monsma
38   Dimitrios & Ileana  Mougdis
39   Peter & Helene  Moulis
40   Stephanie  Moulis
41   Peter & Anastsia  Nakos
42   Nicholas & Thomae  Neamonitis
43   Aristides & Barbara  Nickas
44   Constantine & Diana  Palaskas
45   Anthony & Katherine  Pantazopoulos
46   Demetrios & Vie  Papadopoulos
47   Cynthia  Pappaconstantinou
48   Steven & Posie  Pappas
49   Odessefs & Mary  Parasco
50   Bill & Jodie  Reams
51   Stephen & Kelly  Shenas
52   Nikitas & Leona  Siggelakis
53   Tadd  Siggelakis
54   Kostantino  Sofikitis
55   Val & Barbara  Soupios
56   John & JoAnn  Tambakis
57   Marika  Theodorakis
58   Lawrence  Tosi
59   Christos & Saadia  Tsafarides
60   John & Maggie  Tsouchlis
61   Maria & Alfred  Wilshire
62   Angie  Vovou
63   Despina   Zafiroupoulos
64   Dena & George  Zaimes


You may make your annual commitment pledge electronically, just click on This Link, follow on screen instruction to enter all required information and then click Submit.


You may print this year's Pledge Card by clicking here. Provide the information requested about you and your family by filling the required fields, indicate the amount of this year's Stewardship Pledge and then hand it in at the Church or mail it directly to the Church with an enclosed check.

Remember to Sign the form. 

Thank you!