Dear Parishioners,

Christos Anesti!

I am pleased to share with you the attached correspondence from our Metropolitan Alexios describing the steps we should take to re-open our churches next weekend Sunday May 31st.  

The Parish Council is working diligently to comply with all the requirements and recommendations which will make this a safe well-reasoned action.  We will post signs at the church entrance reminding everyone who enters what they must do to remain safe. We will also follow up next week with a more abbreviated requirement list to make it as clear as we are able and as easy as possible to afford you the opportunity to get back into worship. 

His Eminence has asked us to share with you these important guidelines so you will understand that the safety measures are for EVERYONE’S safety. He also asks us to explain to you that if you are in a high risk group or have someone at home that is in a high risk group, it is probably wiser and more prudent for you to remain home until everyone is more confident that everyone will be safe by our presence at worship.

I continue to pray for each one of you at every Divine Liturgy.  Be assured that I am sincerely concerned for you and your well-being.

If you know of someone who needs help getting to the grocery store or to pick a prescription, please let us know.  Also, there are many who are struggling at this time to make ends meet.  If you know of someone in our Saint John’s Parish Family who needs financial assistance or groceries to get thru this, please let me know.  I assure you that we will do everything in our power to help.

Truly He Is Risen!

+Father Andrew




May 13, 2020
My Beloved co-celebrants in the Lord, esteemed Parish council Presidents and members, Philoptochos Presidents and members, Reverend Monastics and faithful,

Χριστός νέστη! ληθς νέστη!
Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

I greet you my beloved with love and joy in the name of our Resurrected Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I pray that this message finds you well, as we arrive to the mid-point of Pentecost!
Our society today is dealing with the pandemic of COVID-19, which is an infectious and deadly virus. We must consistently think about other people: relatives, co-workers, strangers--as well as ourselves, in order to create a safe society. In our great country, it is impossible for us all to be the same, for even the land, that we live in has mountains, valleys, small and large cities. Each place has different requirements and different rules to live by, for all to be safe...

To read the rest of His Eminence's letter and review the Metropolis protocols, please Ctrl +Click here.