The Theophany of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

January 6

Apolytikion of Holy Epiphany

First Tone

Lord, when You were baptized in the Jordan, the veneration of the Trinity was revealed. For the voice of the Father gave witness to You, calling You Beloved, and the Spirit, in the guise of a dove, confirmed the certainty of His words. Glory to You, Christ our God, who appeared and enlightened the world.



First Tone

Ἐν Ἰορδάνῃ βαπτιζομένου σου Κύριε, ἡ τῆς Τριάδος ἐφανερώθη προσκύνησις, τοῦ γὰρ Γεννήτορος ἡ φωνὴ προσεμαρτύρει σοί, ἀγαπητὸν σὲ Υἱὸν ὀνομάζουσα, καὶ τὸ Πνεῦμα ἐν εἴδει περιστεράς, ἐβεβαίου τοῦ λόγου τὸ ἀσφαλές. Ὁ ἐπιφανεῖς Χριστὲ ὁ Θεός, καὶ τὸν κόσμον φωτίσας δόξα σοί.



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Services and meetings in December and January 

Dec.    24th     Thurs.            Christmas Eve  Vesperal Liturgy, 6PM (Christmas Carols)

Dec.    25th     Friday            Christmas Day,  Orthros & Divine Liturgy, 9-11:15AM

Dec.  27th,     Sunday,         St. Stephanos, Orthros & Divine Liturgy, 9-11:15AM

                                         2 Year MEMORIAL for Sarah Ann Ntatsos (Father Andrew’s daughter)

Jan.     1st,      Friday,          Circumcision of our Lord, Orthr. and Liturgy,  9-11:15AM

Jan.     3rd,      Sunday,        Orthros & Divine Liturgy, 9-11:15AM

                                          40 day Memorial for Phaedra (Fifi), Nikitas’ sister

Jan.     5th,      Tuesday,       Eve of Epiphany, Div. Litur. and Water Blessing, 6PM

                                         (YES there is Holy Communion at this service)

Jan.     6th ,     Wednes.       Epiphany, Orth, Div. Lit. and Water Blessing, 9-11:30AM

Jan.     7th,      Thursday,     Saint John the Baptist, Orthros & Liturgy. 9-11:30AM

Jan.     9th,      Saturday,      Philoptochos Meeting, 10:00AM

Jan.     10th,    Sunday,        After Epiphany, Orthros and Divine Liturgy, 9-11:15AM

Jan.     14th,   Thursday,       Parish Council Meeting, 4:00PM

Jan.     17th,   Sunday,         St. Anthony the Great, Orthr. & Div. Liturgy, 9-11:15AM

Jan.     24th,   Sunday,         St. Xenia,  Orthros & Divine Liturgy, 9-11:15AM

Jan.     30th,   Saturday,       Three Hierarchs, Orthros & Div. Liturgy, 9-11:15AM